General information
In order to clearly identify advertising material please indicate the following information whensending in the files:

  • Customer name/ agency name
  • Name of campaign
  • Run-time of booked campaign
  • Placing on desired website plus volume/ number of ad impressions
  • Advertising Format



  • Standard formats: 3 working days before start of run-time
  • Non-standard formats: 5 working days before start of run-time
  • Use zip file or download link (videos etc.)

2. Terms & Conditions

Landwirtschaftsverlag GmbH reserves the right to accept creatives in a case-by-case decision. Creatives that cause strong reactance or interfere the website performance may be rejected.

Manipulation by JavaScript

Subsequent manipulation of DOM content by JavaScript is not permitted.


click-URLs may not contain blank spaces.

3. Display banner

  • picture (jpeg, gif, animated gif)
  • HTML5
  • 3rd-Party-Redirects

3.1. Picture

Pictures can be delivered in jpeg, gif or animated gif format. The maximum file size per creative is 50 kb. Please deliver two creatives for Wallpaper and Hockeystick format. RGB-colour palette only.

3.2. HTML5

  • HTML5 advertising material must be created according to the specifications of DoubleClick for Publishers (DfP).
  • All assets must be part of a zip file. For Wallpaper and hockey stick format please deliver two creatives as separate zip files.
  • Linkings must be included!
  • All externally embedded assets, scripts and pictures must be transmitted via SSL / HTTPS.
  • Guidelines for size and ClickTags must be considered. Please obtain the latest information here: and
  • HTML5-Creatives are being shown in SafeFrame. Banners may not play sound without clear user interaction (mouse-over, etc.).

Please check if your HTML5 banner has been set up correctly by following this link:

Maximum file size

The HTML5 package or the total size of the extracted files may not exceed 1000 KB.

3.3. 3rd-Party-Redirects

HTML5 banners can be delivered as 3rd party redirect instead of ZIP. All other conditions correspond to those of the HTML5 creative.



3.4. Native Advertising / online advertorial/ editorial

Teaser picture and text:

  • mobile picture 120 x 120 px (w x h)
  • desktop picture 445 x 250 px (w x h)
  • headline max. 65 characters incl. spaces
  • teaser max. 200 characters incl. spaces / / /

  • picture 306 x 172 px (w x h)
  • headline max. 60 characters incl. spaces
  • text 170 characters incl. spaces

 online advertorial in website-design

  • width of pictures in content max 1280 pixels
  • further pictures or videos can be integrated
  • linkings can be placed within content
  • Please send in a Word document clearly showing where to place headlines, bold marked words, videos, pictures, linkings, etc.


4. Newsletter ad formats

  • jpg, gif or animated gif
  • As some mail providers do block animated gif we recommend the first frame to contain key information.
  • impression tracking possible
  • Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250 px
  • Large Image: 615 x 250 px*
  • Picture and text format:
  • headline: max. 40 characters incl. spaces
  • text: max. 230 characters incl. spaces
  • linking: max. 30 characters incl. spaces (does not concern the length of the actual url)
  • picture: 354 x 265 px*
  • Max. file size: 50 KB
    (*scale pictures)

5. Standalone-Newsletter

  • Please send us your image data as a .jpg file with a maximum width of 670 pixels and web resolution, and we will scale the images down accordingly
  • It would be good to have a Word file in which you outline the rough design of the newsletter with texts, images and links, then it will be easier for us to reproduce it
  • Approx one DIN A4 page
  • If you also link to video material, you are welcome to place a play button on the image motif, this always has a positive effect on the click rate.
  • Tracking links can of course also be used as links to the texts and images.
  • Please refrain from using a multi-column layout in the design so that an optimal display on smartphones can be guaranteed


6. Video Website

  • Optimum aspect ratio 16:9, 1.920 x 1.080 Pixel
  • Preview picture (.gif, .jpg, .png) in format 1.280 x 720 px (w x h), max. 2 MB
  • File formats: MOV,.MPEG4, .MP4, .AVI
  • Integration to YouTube possible. Please note that the YouTube preview/ thumbnail will be used in that case. A guideline for uploading an individual thumbnail to YouTube can be obtained here.
  • Short text under Video: Desktop view max. 75 characters incl. spaces, mobile view max. 40 characters incl. spaces.

Subject to General Terms and Conditions for advertising in online media.

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